What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Mosquito Control Service?

Nobody likes mosquitoes. Most people spend all spring, summer, and fall battling against them to some degree. You may spray yourself with mosquito spray before going outside to garden, and you may light some citronella candles to keep them away when you're grilling or eating outside. This takes a lot of time and effort, and there is a better alternative: hiring a mosquito control service. Here are the benefits of doing so.

Remove The Stump With The Tree

If you have had a tree removed in your yard then you may now have a stump in your yard. However, you want to make sure the stump is removed. If you leave the stump in the yard then you may find yourself dealing with some problems. Some of these situations can include the following:  The trees still standing can be at risk of disease If the tree stump that is left in your yard is from a diseased tree then it will still be capable of spreading that disease to the other trees.

Five Benefits Of Tree Trimming

Your landscape trees deserve proper maintenance, and a key part of this maintenance is annual trims. The following are just a few benefits of pruning your trees each year. 1. Better Growth Form Trimming, especially with younger trees, helps encourage a more balanced growth form and better health overall. Trimming at this stage helps encourage a well-balanced crown with evenly spaced lateral branches. Growth training pruning can also help manage the size of the crown so it doesn't become overgrown.

After The Storm: Should You Remove The Tree?

Storms, especially those with high winds, can destroy landscape trees. You will need to assess the damage to see if the trees need to be removed. Split Trunk A common issue with older trees is that high wind cause the trunk to literally split down the center. This can happen if a tree already forks low on the trunk, but it can also happen to single trunk trees if a large branch breaks free and pulls part of the trunk with it.

What Every Snowbird Needs To Know About Trees In Las Vegas

Each year, as winter closes in, over 37 million retirees, often called 'snowbirds', come to Nevada from the northern United States and Canada. They enjoy the milder winter temperatures that the greater Las Vegas area offers and call Nevada home for several months. As only part-time residents, however, they may not be aware of the growing habits of Nevada's trees compared to those in their home state or province. In fact, the pine, birch, and oak trees they are familiar with are nowhere to be found.