Remove The Stump With The Tree

If you have had a tree removed in your yard then you may now have a stump in your yard. However, you want to make sure the stump is removed. If you leave the stump in the yard then you may find yourself dealing with some problems. Some of these situations can include the following: 

The trees still standing can be at risk of disease

If the tree stump that is left in your yard is from a diseased tree then it will still be capable of spreading that disease to the other trees. Along with the possibility of spreading a disease, the stump can also spread an infestation that the tree had because the pests will remain in the stump and therefore be able to move on to the other trees when that stump is left on the property. The only way to prevent this from happening is to have not only the tree removed from the property, but the entire stump as well. 

The stump can draw other insects to your property

Along with the risk of having insects already plaguing the stump lead to an infestation, leaving a stump in place can also cause other insects to be drawn to your property, such as termites and carpenter ants. This is because these insects can detect decaying wood from a good distance. Not only can the insects that end up coming onto your property be problematic for your trees, but they can also threaten everything from your wood fence to your home. Having the stump removed can decrease the risk of ending up with these insects.

The stump's roots can be a problem

Having a tree cut and removed doesn't automatically cause the stump and roots to die. This means that the roots can keep growing. So, if the reason you had the tree removed was because it was encroaching on an area, and you worried about damages being caused from the roots in the near future, then this is still going to be a problem as long as the stump is still in place. Otherwise, the roots can still pose a risk for anything from your plumbing to a nearby pool or even a driveway or sidewalk that you were concerned about them growing into and causing damage to. This is one more reason why you should be sure it is removed as well.

Look into stump removal services today.