Pros And Cons Of Forestry Mulching As A Land Clearing Method

There are several ways to clear land. The timber method involves removing trees and hauling them away for processing. The burning method involves burning the trees and brush in a controlled way. Another method is called forestry mulching, which involves grinding and chipping the trees into mulch, which is then spread on-site. Forestry mulching is becoming more common, and it definitely has some distinct advantages. However, you want to weigh the downsides, too, before you arrange for a forestry mulching company to clear your land.

Are You About To Install A Swimming Pool? 4 Reasons To Schedule Tree Removal Before The Project

A pool offers a great way to spend with your family, especially during the holidays. But with trees in your yard, there's a high chance they might limit your dream of installing a pool. Do you need to remove the trees before constructing the new pool? Here are the reasons contractors recommend scheduling tree removal services before installing a pool.  1. Expand Construction Space  You'll need plenty of space and room to construct a pool.

Benefits Of Hiring A Tree Trimming Service

Tree trimming or pruning may improve your tree's aesthetics, fruit production, and health by eliminating diseased branches. However, you need a tree trimming company to prune your trees correctly. Here are the pros of professional tree trimming. Protects Your Tree The lack of appropriate tree pruning techniques or equipment may lead to injury, especially on young trees. For example, you may bruise the tree's branches or eliminate excess vegetation. This may cause stress on your tree, potentially slowing down growth.

4 Ways Tree Trimming Helps Your Trees Stay Healthier

While it's important to trim your trees so they don't bother your house or power lines, tree trimming is also important for the health of your trees. Trimming benefits your trees in different ways, and it can help them look more attractive and be healthier. Here's how trimming is beneficial for your trees. 1. Trimming Damaged Branches Controls Diseases Trimming away damaged and diseased branches keeps the disease from spreading in your tree and also keeps a fungal disease or pests from spreading to other trees.

What Are Oak Galls And Are They Treatable?

If you notice strange galls on your oak tree's leaves and branches, you may have an oak gall wasp infection. While a few galls won't likely harm your healthy tree, a severe infestation can potentially cause harm. In addition, traditional insect treatments may be ineffective with gall wasps. However, you and your tree service can do something to reduce the impact of these oak gall wasps. Here is more information about oak galls and managing an infested tree.