Fernando Richardson

3 Common Mistakes With Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is performed for several reasons, from opening up the canopy to enhancing the tree's shape. Pruning also helps remove obstructions, reduce the size of the plant, and remove damaged growth. You should hire an arborist to prune correctly and ensure the health and vigor of your trees. Here are some common tree pruning mistakes. 1. Not Pruning at the Right Time The ideal time for tree pruning is during winter.

Tree Trimming: Why It Is An Incredible Tree Care Practice Worth Your Money

Trees are one of the best additions that you can have on your property. They improve your home's overall curb appeal and also provide you with excellent shade. In the winter, the yard with trees feels warmer, and in the summer, they help it stay cool. However, you have to take excellent care of your trees if you want to benefit a lot from them for decades. Tree trimming is part of the crucial maintenance processes that your trees need.

When You Really Should Not Trim A Tree Yourself

The average homeowner is capable of trimming the average tree, so long as they have the right tools and are are sparing with their removal efforts. However, there are some trees that you should definitely not attempt to trim on your own. If any of the following are true of your tree, then you really should call a professional tree trimmer. Your tree is near power lines. Many people have their trees trimmed because the trees are reaching into power lines.

3 Signs You Need Tree Removal Services

If you own property, trees are some of the best ways to improve your property's value and boost selling prices. They grow in stages and are a beauty to behold at each stage of growth. However, as is the norm with all living things, trees reach maturity and die, and some become too big for your yard space.  Towards the end of a tree's lifespan, many things can happen, including falling on your house or other property that you may have close by.

When Should An Arborist Trim Your Trees?

A general landscaping company should be able to trim most trees, provided they have the right equipment. Sometimes, though, you may want to hire a more qualified professional, called an arborist, to trim your trees. Arborists know all there is to know about trees and their structure, their biology, their health, and their care. As such, they are capable of using more specialized trimming techniques to meet a tree's unique needs.