4 Tree Landscaping Designs You Should Consider For A Commercial Space

Creating an inviting and pleasant commercial landscape is no easy feat. It takes careful planning, creativity, and a good eye for detail to create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor space that impresses customers and catches the eye of potential clients.

With the right landscaping design, you can turn an ordinary commercial space into a beautiful oasis. Here are four tree landscaping designs you should consider for your commercial space:

Tree Island

A tree island is a great way to create visual interest and separate different areas of your landscape. The design involves planting trees in circular or square beds surrounded by mulch or stones. You can use evergreen trees to keep your island looking lush year-round or opt for flowering trees like crabapples and magnolias for a burst of color during the spring and summer.

You can use your tree island as a gathering space. Add seating and lighting to create an inviting area for employees or customers to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Orchard Design

For a timeless, elegant look, consider planting an orchard in your commercial landscape. Select trees suitable for your space, then arrange them into neat rows or circles with pathways in between. You can also use raised beds to add height and visual interest.

You should choose trees based on their growth habits, size, and fruit-bearing capabilities. With careful planning, you can create a beautiful landscape that will produce a bounty of fresh fruits year after year.

Arbor Design

An arbor is a great way to frame an outdoor space. Use it to divide a large garden area or create an inviting entranceway for your business. The design requires careful planning to ensure the arbor will support the weight of any climbers, such as ivy or clematis, you choose to plant along it.

You should consult a professional landscaper to help select suitable tree species for your arbor. The professional will consider the environment and climate of your commercial space when choosing trees, as certain species may be better suited than others.

Tree Tunnel

A tree tunnel is ideal for a commercial space that is long and narrow. The design requires trees with columnar shapes, such as Lombardy poplars, which can be planted in an alternating pattern along the length of your property. The trees will form an arch over time, creating a beautiful tunnel-like effect.

Commercial spaces like parks, shopping centers, and golf courses often use tree tunnels to create a unique feature that adds interest and beauty to the landscape.

Creating an attractive outdoor space can make your commercial property stand out. Working with a professional landscaper can create a landscape design that will transform your space and make it look inviting. You can consider these designs or other custom options to find the ideal fit for your space. Contact a professional landscaping service for more info.