4 Costly Downfalls Of Failing To Remove A Dead Tree

Tree removal is a tedious task requiring skill, so it is not surprising that professional removal services come with some level of financial commitment. As such, some property owners will shy away from the task for this reason. However, what they soon discover is that forgoing the removal of a dead tree can turn out to be a far more costly scenario.

1. Homeowners Insurance

How much you pay for homeowners' insurance indirectly reflects how many claims you have filed and their value. Limbs from a dead tree can cause significant damage to a home's roof that can lead to all sorts of other issues if it is located near the house. In this scenario, once the insurance company discovers that the source of the damage is a dead tree, the homeowner can all but guarantee an increase in their coverage costs. 

2. Liability

If there is any positive associated with a falling limb from a dead tree, it would be that the limb falls in your yard and does not hit anything or anyone. If the tree is on your property and the limb falls outside your property lines and hurts anyone or causes any damage — you could be liable for all costs involved with the incident. Removing the tree eliminates this risk.

3. Community Fines

For homes located in communities that a homeowners association governs, certain standards are put in place in an effort to help maintain the community. Dead trees are generally leafless, discolored, and sometimes have large hollow areas. For people passing by, their image is not exactly attractive. For this reason, some associations will require homeowners to remove the trees and, when they fail to do so, impose a fine against their property. 

4. Infestations

Dead trees do not just look bad, they are also often an enticing location for rodents and insects to call home. Mice, snakes, and wood-attracted insects are just some things that inhabit dead trees. Unfortunately, if the tree is located near your home, it is only a matter of time before these creatures migrate from the tree to your home's structure. Dealing with an infestation in your home is a significant inconvenience, but it can also be a costly issue to resolve.

If you have a dead tree on your property, do not hesitate to have it removed.

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