Do You Want To Remove A Tree From Your Property Urgently? 3 Reasons DIY Tree Removal Is A Bad Idea

Having trees in your backyard improves outdoor aesthetics and comfort. However, you might want to remove a tree from your property for various reasons, especially if the tree is dead, leaning, or likely to fall unexpectedly. Since it is quite easy to access online tutorials, you may assume that DIY tree removal is a great way to save money. However, emergency tree removal is dangerous and requires specialized tools and skills. So, it is best to leave the task to tree removal experts. This piece explains reasons not to attempt DIY tree removal.

1. Lack of Proper Tree Removal and Safety Equipment

When you call emergency tree removal specialists, they will have specialized equipment, like chainsaws, cranes, and wood chippers. The experts also have various safety gear, like helmets and safety boots. So, if you want to cut down a tree alone, you'll need access to these tools and machines and the relevant skills to use them. Unfortunately, most homeowners attempt removing trees without the expertise needed to use tree removal equipment, exposing themselves to serious risk. For instance, improper use of a chainsaw can cause it to recoil forcefully, exposing you to severe injuries.

2. Failure to Understand the Gravitational Force

Tree removal companies have what it takes to estimate where the tree will fall accurately. However, without this experience, you can't control where or when the tree will drop. So, the tree and branches may fall on people, property, or even power lines, causing serious injuries or damage. Consequently, you might cause a power outage or risk being held liable for injuries people sustain from your DIY tree removal attempts. Unfortunately, your home insurance won't cover property repairs due to damage caused by DIY tree removal.

3. The Unpredictability of Decaying Wood

If your tree has decaying patches you are unaware of, it is easy to miscalculate its center of gravity. Remember that decaying trees mostly decay from the inside out and tend to be very unstable. That's why professionals will use specialized equipment like cranes when cutting down decaying trees. Moreover, the professionals understand the biological processes to follow when dealing with decaying trees. So, if your tree shows signs of decay, it is advisable to engage a competent team for emergency tree removal.

Tree removal is a challenging task. You need to understand the biological and physical processes and have the appropriate tools to ensure successful and safe tree removal. That's why it is advisable to hire arborists to remove old, decaying, or dead trees. Otherwise, attempting tree removal alone increases the risks to you, your family, and other people. 

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