Are You About To Install A Swimming Pool? 4 Reasons To Schedule Tree Removal Before The Project

A pool offers a great way to spend with your family, especially during the holidays. But with trees in your yard, there's a high chance they might limit your dream of installing a pool. Do you need to remove the trees before constructing the new pool? Here are the reasons contractors recommend scheduling tree removal services before installing a pool. 

1. Expand Construction Space 

You'll need plenty of space and room to construct a pool. If you want an in-ground pool, which is arguably more durable, contractors will need enough space to maneuver when excavating the land. This can be challenging if you have large trees in your yard. If you want a relatively huge pool, you might need to clear the ground through tree removal to create enough space for the construction project. You will also build a pool with the desired design and enjoy adequate construction space.

2. Make the Construction Process Easier

When pool contractors start excavating the ground, they could come across large tree roots. The roots might complicate or delay the pool construction project. You might also need to stop the project to remove the trees first. 

Even if you decide to trim the roots, the tree could die and fall later, damaging your pool or your house. However, you can plan and remove the tree long before the construction project begins. This can help you save time and make the project easier to complete. 

3. You Can't Risk Having the Pool as the Tree Fall Zone 

Tree removal specialists examine the state of the tree before determining how to remove it. In most cases, they'll need to allocate a fall zone where the entire tree or several sections will land during removal. If you construct your pool next to trees, you might eventually need to remove the trees. Unfortunately, your pool could get damaged if it's too close to the fall zone. However, you can avoid these risks by removing the trees first before constructing the pool. Thinking ahead might save money and time. 

4. Prevent Pool Damage 

Extensive tree roots can damage your pool. Even if the contractors don't find those roots during excavation and construction, they could still grow towards the pool and penetrate the walls, causing severe damage. Therefore, you need to remove the tree and undertake the necessary repairs. However, you can avoid these problems by cutting the tree before the pool project.

Before constructing a pool, consult tree removal specialists and pool contractors to determine whether you can save some trees in your yard. However, you may need to remove some trees on time to avoid these problems. Schedule an appointment with a tree removal company to learn more about tree removal for pool installation purposes. 

Contact a local tree removal service to learn more.