4 Ways Tree Trimming Helps Your Trees Stay Healthier

While it's important to trim your trees so they don't bother your house or power lines, tree trimming is also important for the health of your trees. Trimming benefits your trees in different ways, and it can help them look more attractive and be healthier. Here's how trimming is beneficial for your trees.

1. Trimming Damaged Branches Controls Diseases

Trimming away damaged and diseased branches keeps the disease from spreading in your tree and also keeps a fungal disease or pests from spreading to other trees. When a branch is split or bent in a storm, diseases and bugs can thrive in the area of broken bark and spread throughout the tree if the damaged branch is not cut away.

By keeping the damaged branches cut off and removing branches with signs of a pest infestation or fungal disease, you will keep your tree healthier.

2. Thinning Branches Lets More Sunlight Hit The Tree

Sometimes, a tree trimming professional will cut branches out of the crown to allow more sunlight to filter through to the ground. This keeps your property from being so dreary, and it also allows more sunlight to fall on the trunk of the tree. Thinning branches may also allow for more air circulation through the crown and around the trunk. Sunlight is nourishing for your tree, and it controls the growth of moss and algae on the bark.

3. Trimming Lopsided Branches Improves Stability

If you start tree trimming when your tree is young, you can shape the way the tree grows. This makes the tree more attractive, and it also gets rid of branches that could make the tree less stable when the tree is mature. Trees don't always grow in a stable manner. If there are too many heavy limbs and branches on one side, the tree might lean or be susceptible to falling in storms.

4. Removing Branches Improves Nourishment

Cutting away excessive growth allows the branches that remain to get more nourishment so they are healthier and stronger. The branches that remain have a good chance of being lush and strong rather than lacking leaves and having a skeletal look. Trees need nourishment and water to be healthy, and with fewer branches competing for resources, the remaining branches can enjoy better health.

However, if too many branches are cut away at once, that can be detrimental to a tree. That's why it's a good idea to work with a professional tree trimming service so you know your trees will be cut safely and properly so their health is protected.

Contact a tree trimming service to learn more.