Find Out Whether Your Tree Is Due For Trimming

Maintenance tasks such as mowing your lawn, gardening, and weeding your flowers are important in preserving the health of your yard. In addition, trimming is vital to tree maintenance as it helps to eliminate dead and decayed branches, restricts limb overgrowth, and improves general tree appearance. Whether you need trimming for aesthetic or safety purposes, it is crucial to employ the services of a reputable trimming company. Below are four signs indicating that you need trimming services:

Branches Rubbing Against Each Other

If you notice that the branches are rubbing against each other, especially during strong winds, the tree needs trimming. If left unchecked, these branches grow taller and become intertwined, causing wear and tear to the limbs supporting them. Moreover, entangled branches exert excess stress on the bark, resulting in cankers that nest plant pathogens and pests. Typically, your tree expert needs to cut off the malformed branches to enhance the tree's structure and growth.

Crowded Trees

A tree with crowded limbs and too much foliage at the crown hinders the internal branches from accessing light. If the higher branches block too many leaves, the amount of photosynthesis is minimal because the sunlight reaching the leaves is limited. This results in stunted growth. Additionally, overgrown limbs make your landscape look unkempt and neglected. Therefore, not only does an arborist reduce the crown for sufficient light penetration, but they also reduce the mass of branches in a way that promotes growth.

Dead and Dying Branches

Naturally, trees occasionally shed their leaves and branches, especially due to changes in weather conditions. However, if you notice a significant amount of decayed or dying matter, your tree could be infected with a disease. If left unchecked, the infection can spread to other parts, weakening and killing them. Therefore, if you see signs of discoloration, prematurely falling branches, or spots on the leaves, contact an arborist to trim away the diseased sections.

Uneven Growth

Trees usually grow evenly, except in circumstances where there is improper pruning, damage by storms and floods, or if their natural shape isn't even. For example, hanging limbs broken off by the wind may distort the tree's shape and appearance because they grow in a wayward direction. Therefore, if there has been a storm in your area, you need to engage a professional arborist to inspect your trees, address any damage sustained, and trim them accordingly for even growth.

Understanding the signs that your trees need trimming is essential in preserving them. Therefore, you should hire a professional tree trimming service to maintain the health of your trees and inspect them regularly.