What to Consider When Removing a Tree in a Confined Space

When planted in the right location, a tree can live side by side with you and your property without issue for decades. But like any living thing, trees need to grow. A growing tree may soon become a big problem for you and your property if that tree is situated in a confined space. A lack of space means that a tree will soon spread into other areas of your property and cause damage.

But you have probably noticed that removing a tree from a tight space, such as between a building and a fence, is no easy feat. So before you do anything, be sure to consider the following factors first.

Tree size and height

First, check the height and size of your tree. If your tree is on the small side, such as an ornamental pear tree or a young maple tree, removing it won't be so difficult a task. In fact, as long as you have the correct equipment (including safety equipment), you may be able to remove the tree yourself.

However, even if your tree is small, if you lack experience or equipment, don't attempt a DIY job because anything could go wrong.

Yard access

If your tree is mature and towers over your home, the removal process will need to be well planned out first. The first thing atree removal service will look for is access to your property. If your property is difficult to access, then a tree service will need to use specialized equipment to navigate the small space.

In tight spaces, with little to no access, tree services usually use a bucket truck. This allows them to cut a tree from the top to the bottom without damaging surrounding structures.

Proximity to your home or your neighbor's home

When a tree is close to your home and the boundary of your neighbor's property, safety is the primary concern. Be sure to notify your neighbor of your plan to remove your tree. And make sure you tell your tree service every important detail that might affect the removal of your tree, such as if the tree is leaning, or has a weak root system.

Surrounding obstructions or safety concerns

Are there any power lines nearby? Do the branches of the tree grow precariously close to your windows and roof? Then the removal process will be slower than normal. This is to ensure that everybody is safe during the removal process.

Consider these points before you begin the removal process of a tree in a tight space on your property. And be prepared for the job to take longer than ordinary.