2 Common Tree Removal Methods To Consider

Damaged trees are dangerous and pose a safety threat to you and your loved ones. Therefore, you should undertake tree removal with the help of professionals.

However, trees grow in different ways and have slightly different features. For this reason, each tree requires a different tree removal approach. Read on for different approaches to tree removal.

1. Tree Felling

This method is one of the most common methods of tree removal. It involves using a wedge or tag line to fell a tree. However, this approach requires you to consider the surrounding structures and terrain, the tree's shape, and the direction and magnitude of the wind.

Tree removal experts chop or cut the tree's base until the trunk falls. Nonetheless, you should maintain a safe distance to avoid any injury. Also, your tree removal experts should communicate clearly and know the retreat path to avoid serious hazards to your property or people.

2. Rigging

You may consider rigging when tree felling is impossible. This method involves using ropes and rigging equipment to take down trees.

However, ensure you hire a professional tree removal expert who is also an experienced climber to avoid creating hazards. Below are some of the rigging approaches you may use for tree removal:

1. Climbing

This approach involves the tree removal expert climbing the tree and removing sections from the top, moving to the bottom. Next, they climb the tree using a rigging cable and chop branches and trunks. They can then lower the debris.

Climbing is effective in situations where there are several structures in the surrounding or where tree felling proves unsafe. However, it is a time-consuming process.

2. Bucket

While it is similar to climbing, this method involves using a bucket truck instead of climbing gear. The bucket truck lifts the tree removal expert to the required tree cutting height.

A bucket tree removal service is most suitable when the tree is rotting or cannot support the climbers. While it involves using a truck, among other special equipment, you need to plan to ensure you have a seamless process.

3. Crane

This method involves using cranes to remove trees. Consider this option when climbing or using a bucket truck proves dangerous.

In addition, crane removal eliminates the professional's direct involvement with the tree by uprooting the tree from the ground.

Tree removal may be dangerous. Therefore, seek professional tree removal experts to handle the process and undertake safe tree disposal. Look into tree removal near you.