How Trees Can Threaten Your Plumbing

Some reasons for having a tree removed can be more about aesthetics. However, there are also plenty of reasons for tree removal that are more serious in nature. One area of concern you may have is plumbing. Learning about some threats a tree can pose to your plumbing can help you see when and why tree removal may be your best bet. Here is more on the topic: 

The tree roots are a big danger to plumbing

Most of the plumbing for your home will be under the soil. Therefore, the crown of the trees won't be a concern. The roots are what you should be most concerned about with regard to the plumbing. The roots of a tree will seek out water naturally. An easy source of water to seek out would be the water going through the pipes in the yard. Even a tiny leak in a pipe can indicate there is a water source to the roots, which will then start growing toward that pipe. Once the roots reach the pipe, they can cause extensive damage that will have to be repaired right away. 

Tree roots can cause cracks and complete breaks in pipes

Once the tree roots grow to the pipes, they will continue growing. This causes stress on the pipes that are kept in place by the soil that is packed around them. This means they don't have any give, and they will just crack and even break under the intense pressure of the strong and determined roots. 

Tree roots can cause blockages

There can be localized clogs in your home that you deal with every once in a while. The sink may develop slow draining and clog. Then you free up the clog and everything's fine. However, a clog that happens in the main sewer line can cause much worse clogging issues. Things will be clogged throughout the house and a plunger won't be able to fix the problem. This is the type of blockage tree roots can cause. They can grow into the sewer line and eventually cause a complete blockage. 

Tree roots can cause problems with your septic tank

If your home is on septic instead of sewer, then you have a septic tank in your yard that you want to watch out for. The roots of a nearby tree will be attracted to the moisture, and they can eventually cause cracks and even more damage to the tank. 


It's a good idea to be proactive and have any trees you know may pose a future risk to your plumbing removed. 

Contact a tree removal service to learn more.