3 Benefits Of Summer Tree Trimming

Trimming your trees in summer is an essential tree care routine, especially for fruit trees and trees with some form of damage. Trimming is also a great way to shape your tree and promote your yard's aesthetic appeal.   

Check out more reasons why trimming trees in summer is a good idea.

Eliminate Dead Limbs 

Summer tree pruning is vital as it eliminates the diseased, dying, and already dead limbs. Dead or damaged branches are a hazard on your property, as they can break due to strong winds and harm the people or things underneath. Worse still, branches weakened by a storm can fall on your roof and damage your home. 

Tree trimming eliminates such hazards. Trees trimmed in summer are also less likely to have weak branches that might fall when future storms or extreme winds hit. Moreover, tree trimming gets rid of diseased branches to prevent the spread of diseases to other healthy parts of your tree. This way, your tree grows properly without any unhealthy sections.             

Encourage Health Development

As your trees grow, some branches and shoots grow and become stronger than others. If you don't trim your tree, sprouting shoots will have to compete for nutrients with other parts of the tree. But when you trim the overgrown branches, you stimulate growth in the weak areas, which ensures that all the parts of your tree grow together. This strategy accelerates your tree's proper growth. 

Furthermore, you boost air circulation and sun exposure when you trim your trees. The result is improved tree health, coupled with robust branch development. Sunlight is particularly vital for fruit trees as it helps promote stronger development in younger trees. Trimming also allows more sunlight into your home during the cold months, which helps reduce your heating bills. 

Helps With Pest Control

Untrimmed trees can harbor pests. Thanks to summer tree trimming, you get rid of fruits and branches with aphid or mites damage. This way, you enjoy healthy and delicious fruits from your fruit trees.

Unfortunately, untrimmed trees retain moisture from the rain or morning dew, which encourages infestation by moisture-loving pests, such as termites. So, trim your trees to keep pests off your trees.

Also, summer tree trimming allows light penetration, which helps deter pests that can't stand light. The sun is usually hotter, so these critters will have already sought shelter elsewhere once the cold season sets in. As a result, your trees stay healthy and beautiful for longer.

An experienced tree service expert will ensure that they dispose of the infested branches properly to avoid a possible pest infestation on your property. 

In addition to these benefits, well-trimmed trees boost your home's curb appeal, which can be a good thing if you plan to sell your home. Remember to only hire certified tree service experts to trim your trees properly without any unnecessary risks.

For more information, contact a tree service in your area.