Services That Are Helpful For Front Yard Trees

Trees in your front yard, in many cases, face different conditions than trees in a backyard. Front yard trees are near a lot of traffic. They are closer to power lines, and they tend to be planted in soil that's really compact due to the presence of sidewalks, sewer lines, and the road. Because of these conditions, front yard trees sometimes need a bit more care than backyard trees. Here are some specific services that are often worth investing in for your front yard trees.

Annual Pruning

Once they reach maturity, most trees only need to be trimmed every few years, or when they have noticeable damage. But you might want to have your front yard trees trimmed every year, even once they're sufficiently grown. This will help keep the trees from growing too large and unruly, which you really don't want when the trees are near power lines, your front porch, and the sidewalk. Annual pruning also helps keep your trees looking more attractive, which is nice when they're the first thing people see when visiting your yard.

Trunk Protection

You may want to have a tree care service come to put a trunk protector on your front yard tree. Trunk protectors can be made from plastic, aluminum, or even burlap. They'll protect the tree from damage if someone happens to bump into it with a sidewalk plow, or sometimes even with a car. They'll also keep people from carving into the tree's trunk, which is important in some areas. You will want to have the tree care company come back and replace the trunk protector every year or so as the tree grows.

Deep Watering

The soil in front yards tends to be compact. It needs to be in order to support sidewalks, the road, and other structures. The downside of compact soil is that it does not absorb and hold water well. Also, trees have a hard time sending their roots through it. As such, front yard trees often do not get enough water. You may want to have your tree care company come and perform a service known as deep watering once or twice a year. They'll inject water deep below the ground's surface, right near the tree roots that need it. This can help the tree grow stronger and healthier.

Front yard trees make your yard look lovely, and they deserve the best care in return. Invest in the services above, and your trees will thank you. For more information about residential tree care, contact a local company.