3 Signs You Need Tree Removal Services

If you own property, trees are some of the best ways to improve your property's value and boost selling prices. They grow in stages and are a beauty to behold at each stage of growth. However, as is the norm with all living things, trees reach maturity and die, and some become too big for your yard space. 

Towards the end of a tree's lifespan, many things can happen, including falling on your house or other property that you may have close by. It's essential that you get such trees removed in time with the help of reliable tree removal services. 

Here are three additional signs your tree is due for removal.

The Tree Is Overgrown

If your property is in a restricted area, big trees become a menace as they press against windows and walls and disturb house foundations. In such a case, cutting the tree only solves half of the problem as this leaves the roots developing and posing threats to your home's foundation.

Getting the tree removed by professionals solves the problem entirely. Additionally, larger trees are prone to falling in harsh weather like strong winds and storms. You can get them removed well in advance to keep your property safe.

Poor Health

It requires a keen eye and attention to detail to realize when a tree is sick or not. A tree might look healthy on the outside but be quickly rotting on the inside. Trees with poor health form holes in the trunk, which render them unstable and vulnerable to any external forces caused by harsh weather or animals. A good sign of a sick, decaying tree is fungi or mushrooms growing on the tree trunk.

Once you have noticed any signs of instability on your tree, it's recommended you call a tree specialist to come and diagnose your tree. If the tree is close to your house, you should have it removed as soon as possible before it comes crumbling on your roof.

The Tree Sheds a Lot

A tree that sheds many leaves, seeds, pods, branches, and needles can become a nuisance. You might spend a lot of money hiring handypersons to clean your yard every month, plus an additional cost for hauling away the debris. Accumulation of leaves, flowers and other debris from a tree can also attract insects to your yard and home making it unconducive.

It's economical and environmentally wise to have such a tree removed and replaced with a much better tree species if you must have a tree in that spot. A tree removal specialist can help you remove and replace a tree in record time. 

To learn more, contact a tree service.