This Is Why You Should Never Attempt A DIY Tree Removal

Are you a homeowner who usually performs your own handiwork? If so, you might feel as though you can handle any "job" that comes your way. There are certain things that homeowners should not attempt to do themselves. This is because certain repairs require licensed individuals to perform them. However, even if there are no legal ramifications, homeowners should always consider the risks involved with do-it-yourself projects. 

If you have trees on your property that you need to remove, you might think that it will only require a few basic tools to complete the work. However, there are many more details that will need to be addressed. The following points represent reasons why you should never attempt to do your own tree removal.

Legal Obligations

Wait! Do not attempt to cut a tree without understanding what the laws are in your area. You could be breaking the law by choosing to cut down a tree. Perhaps you are assuming that your home is private property and you can do what you want. However, some jurisdictions consider it unlawful to remove large trees. Violating the law could result in you getting a sanction and having to pay a fine. This is an expensive mistake that could end up costing you more than the price of hiring a professional tree removal service. 

Risk to Other Trees

Even if there are not any local laws that forbid do-it-yourself tree removal, take a moment to consider why you are removing the tree. If it is diseased, you could put other trees at risk of contracting the disease, which is usually a fungus. One diseased tree can spread disease to other nearby trees. Professionals know how to safely remove diseased trees and prevent cross-contamination.

Bodily Injury

Untrained individuals can injure themselves or others when attempting a do-it-yourself tree removal. The risk is significant when large trees are involved. If you have pets, children, or even other people help[ing you remove the tree outside, there is a risk of injury or death occurring if a tree topples over and lands on them. 

Property Damage

Your actions could also result in property damages. This could be to your vehicle(s), home, or other standing structures, such as work sheds, on your property. If you have neighbors living close by, the tree could land on their property and cause damages that you will be legally liable for.

Professional tree removal services are a good resource to use to determine the urgency of removing trees from your property. They can offer additional insight regarding the potential dangers of do-it-yourself tree removal.