The Information You Need When Replanting Landscaping After Stumps Grinding

When you have to have stumps removed, they will provide more options for landscaping. If you were removing trees due to damage, insects, or disease, you might want to replant these areas. There are some things that you want to know about replanting after having stump grinding done. The following information will help you replant the areas where you have stump grinding done:

Inspect the Soil and Adjacent Plant Life

When you are planning on replanting an area after stump grinding, you want to know your options. There may also be issues with pests and diseases if you plan on using trees removed. Therefore, you want to inspect the adjacent plant life to deal with issues like infestations. You also want to test the soil for moisture and nutrient qualities. This will help you choose the best solutions to replant these areas.

Mix in Nutrients When Grinding Stumps

When you have stump grinding done, it leaves the soil without nutrients for new plants. Therefore, you are going to need to put the nutrients back into the soil when stump grinding is done. Some of the treatments that can be added to the stump and soil include:

  • Absorbent materials to hold moisture
  • Slow-release fertilizer additives
  • Nutrient-rich topsoils

The addition of materials that provide nutrients and retain moisture will ensure the new plants are healthy.

Choosing the Plants to Replace the Stumps

There are different options to replant the areas where stumps have been ground. Some of these options may be to replace trees, or you may want to use plants that are a safer option near your home. Some of the options for these plants include:

  • Disease and insect resistant trees
  • Hardy plants that require little water or care
  • Flower beds with plants that can be planted yearly (perennials)

These are some of the different options to consider to replace the stumps. If you are planting trees near your home, you may want to choose smaller species that are less likely to cause damage.

Plant Care While Roots Get Established

There is a unique problem that you will face when replanting areas where stumps have been grounded. This is due to the soft soil materials, which can make trees and other large plants weak until the roots get established. Things you want to do to care for plants until the roots get established include:

  • Bracing to support the plants
  • Regular watering to provide plenty of moisture
  • Pruning and trimming to promote healthy growth early

The bracing of trees and support structures for plants will help them get established. You want to also make sure that plants get plenty of water and nutrients.

The areas where stumps once stood can be replanted with flora to help keep your landscaping green and healthy. If you have old tree trunks that are in the way of your landscaping, contact a stump grinding service to prepare these areas for new plants, like Tree Landers.