Worried About Your Fruit Trees? How Tree Spray Can Give Them The Protection They Need

If you have fruit trees in your yard, you should be having them sprayed several times a year. Spraying your trees can protect them from a variety of problems. But you need to know when your fruit trees should be sprayed. You also need to know the type of sprays to use. Here are four types of sprays your fruit trees will need throughout the year. 

Treat Them With an All-Purpose Spray

When you have fruit trees, they need treatment with an all-purpose spray at least once a year. This type of spray is most beneficial when you're not sure what type of pests or diseases are prevalent in your area. All-purpose tree spray will provide a general treatment for most pests and diseases that can adversely affect your fruit trees. The all-purpose spray can also prevent repeat problems between applications. 

Treat Them With a Scale-Insect Spray

If your fruit trees are affected by scale insects each year, it's best to treat them with a scale-insect spray each spring. Scale insects include armored scale, soft scale, and mealy bugs. Scale insects attach themselves to the underside of the leaves and will cause the complete destruction of your fruit trees if left alone. The best time to apply scale insect spray is at the beginning of spring before the first buds open. Scale-insect spray should be reapplied every year. 

Treat Them With a Fungicidal Spray

If tree fungus is a problem in your area, you'll need to include a fungicidal spray in your annual treatment. This is especially important if you have peach trees in your yard. Peach trees are affected by a fungus known as scab disease. If left untreated, scab disease will kill your peach trees. Fungicidal spray should also be applied during the spring, once the threat of frost is over.  

Treat Them With an Insecticidal Spray

If insects have been a problem in the past, be sure to spray your fruit trees with an insecticidal spray each year. Many pests are attracted to fruit trees, especially during the spring and summer. The best way to stop insects from destroying your fruit trees is to apply insecticidal spray in late spring, preferably after the last blossoms have fallen off. For maximum protection, give your fruit trees another application of insecticidal spray in late summer. That last application will keep pests away from your fruit trees through the rest of the year.

Contact a tree spraying professional to learn more.