How To Prepare For Professional Tree Removal

From a nuisance tree that is dropping sap on your car or a tree with an overgrown root system that is destroying your sidewalk to a tree that is dead or dying, there are several reasons why you would seek the help of a professional tree removal service. Take the proper steps before tree removal occurs to ensure you find the right professional for the job and the tree removal service is able to easily and safely access the trees.

Follow these simple steps before having a tree removed in your yard.

Determine If the Tree Is on Your Property

Contact your local county surveyor's office or check your home's deed to determine your property line and if the tree in question is technically on your property. If you cannot find this information, you may need to hire a private surveyor. Unfortunately, if the nuisance tree is not on your property, you do not have the right to remove the entire tree.

Instead, depending upon your local laws, you might have the ability to prune any branches or limbs that are hanging over onto your property.

Find the Right Tree Service

Do your homework to locate a tree removal service that will fit your needs, budget, and schedule. Narrow down the candidates and ask a few questions to determine the service's qualifications and experience. For example, make sure the service is licensed and has insurance that will cover any damage that occurs to your home and any injuries to the company's employees.

Inquire about the types of equipment used by the tree removal company as well.

Prepare Your Yard and Driveway

Get your yard and driveway ready to remove any impediments and allow the tree removal service to safely and easily access the tree. Move your vehicles out of the driveway, put away your children's outdoor toys, and relocate any items you don't want to be damaged during the tree removal.

Stay in your home and away from the tree service while the service is removing your tree. Once the process is over, there will be leaves, small twigs, and other debris left in your yard. Grab some lawn bags and clean this up once the equipment is safely out of your yard.

Before you have a tree removed from your yard, take the time to learn if the tree is on your property, you find the right tree service, and that your yard is safe and ready for the tree removal process.