Summer Tree Care Emergency Guide To Deal With Insects, Disease, And Unexpected Storm Damage

Late winter and early winter are usually the time when you want to do major pruning and care for your trees, but sometimes, care is needed later. This can be due to problems that you may not have noticed like insects invading, disease, or unexpected storm damage. Therefore, you will want to know how to deal with these problems when the weather is hotter and your trees are more vulnerable. The following summer emergency tree care guide will help you deal with these problems with minimal impact on your trees.

Dealing With Insect Infestations In Your Trees As Early As Possible To Prevent Serious Damage

Insects are one of the first problems that you will have to deal with when it comes to your trees. Therefore, you want to treat your trees to prevent problems before warmer weather arrives. When you notice a problem with insect infestations during the summer months, contact a tree service for help treating these problems early before they cause serious damage to your trees.

Treating Diseases And Fungus Infestations That Can Spread And Kill Healthy Trees On Your Property

When there is a lot of rain and moisture, this creates the perfect conditions for disease and fungus that affect trees. If you notice problems with your trees and signs of disease, you will want to get help with treating the problem before it spreads. Some diseases may require the removal of affected trees and precautions to protect healthy trees to prevent the disease from spreading and killing more trees on your property or nearby.

Dealing With Excess Growth That Causes Damage To Healthy Branches And Makes Trees Vulnerable To Problems

The excess growth of trees can be something that is difficult to manage. When you trim trees for annual pruning care, thinning the canopy is part of the maintenance that needs to be done. The problem is that plenty of water when the weather gets warmer can cause some trees to have excess growth on large branches. This can put the tree in danger, and you may need to do emergency trimming to reduce vulnerability and prevent problems.

Emergency Storm Damage Care That May Be Needed When Trees Get Damaged

The summer is a time when afternoon storms can cause serious damage. The trees around your home are just as vulnerable as your home. You will notice serious problems like large fallen branches and downed trees. There may also be problems with branches that have been weakened or damaged by winds that are not as obvious. If you notice that there are branches that seem to be weakened after a storm, you will want to call for professional help with care to prevent serious damage that can compromise the health of trees.

This emergency tree care guide will help you deal with the problems that you may have with your trees when the weather is warmer. If you need help with these problems, contact a tree service for help to ensure your trees stay healthy.