Signs You Should Have Your Tree Pruned Soon

It's important to keep an eye on your trees because they can be both a blessing and a curse. However, by keeping a proper eye on them, you can prevent them from being a major problem for you. Knowing the signs of a tree that needs pruning is a very important responsibility you need to take on in order to keep your yard a safe and great-looking space. Here are some of the signs that one or more of your trees needs some immediate attention.

Splintered, broken, or bowed branches

If you see that some of the branches on your trees are splintered, broken, or bowing, then this means those branches are now weak and they can't be trusted. They will be at risk of snapping and crashing down. If they are above the house and large, they can cause damage to the roof. They also put anyone and anything under them at risk should they break and come crashing down.

Branches that crisscross

The branches on your trees should all grow straight out from the trunk. If you notice that the branches of your tree are crisscrossing, then this means that the tree branches are growing incorrectly, and in the future, those branches will be at risk of falling. They are growing in an unhealthy nature, and this puts them at a high risk of decaying and dying. At that point, they will be a danger. Have the tree pruned to prevent this type of issue.

Too fast of a growth rate

Usually, you like to see many things growing rapidly in the yard, especially if you have a garden you take a lot of pride in. However, a tree that just grows too fast is not a good thing. Before you know it, that quick-growing tree can be completely out of control and may begin to cause damage to the eaves or other things in the yard. Pruning the trees when you notice their fast growth helps you to maintain control over them.

Too dense

Nice and full trees can be beautiful, but they can also become an issue if they are just too dense. When you are looking at your trees, you should be able to see the branches through the tree. If the branches aren't visible, then it's time to have it pruned. This high density can lead to branches growing that are very thick, and these can be dangerous if they end up being damaged during a storm.

To learn more, contact a tree trimming company.