Why Are Your Trees And Shrubs Dying?

Nobody wants brown shrubs in their yard, and nobody wants limp trees that detract from the rest of the beauty of the landscape. No matter what kind of trees and shrubs you have, you want them to look beautiful and alive. Unfortunately, you might not necessarily know why your greenery is dying off.

There are actually many reasons why you might have struggled with keeping your plants and trees alive. These are some of the common causes of brown, dying shrubs and trees in your yard.

The Weather Is Extreme

Sometimes trees and shrubs die to no fault of your own. It could simply be that the weather is not cooperating with you, and that could be because some of the greenery you have at your home is not suitable for the region.

The Weather Suddenly Changed

If you recently had a very wet winter followed by a significantly hot, dry summer, you may see some of the effects in your yard. You may simply need to find a way to compensate for the changing weather, like extra watering or increased trimming.

Your Yard Has Pests

Pests are a significant reason why your trees and shrubs are struggling. You could have anything from ants to termites, and the results can be devastating to more than the plants in your yard. They can also harm your house. You should have a pest expert come out to assess your yard and home if you suspect this is the issue.

Disease Is Traveling Through Your Area

Trees and shrubs can get diseases, just like people. Plants in your yard can be devastated by disease and illness, so it pays to look for the signs that are commonly associated with a disease, like discoloration and oozing.

The Water Schedule Is Off

If none of these sound like the case, you may need to assess your watering schedule. Are you watering too often? Not enough? Not at the right times during the day? It is a good idea to experiment with different watering schedules to see if something else works for your yard.

What Can You Do?

Suspect that your shrubs and trees are dying because they are turning brown? Consider the steps you can take to bring them back to life. You may need to address pests, check your sprinklers, or maybe even think about the fact that some shrubs might not be meant for your region.

To learn more about taking care of your trees and shrubs, reach out to an arborist near you.