Tree Removal: Signs You Need It

If your property has trees on it, you know how much visual appeal and value they can add. Trees are beautiful and can offer a lot of shade during the summertime, but they are also vulnerable to disease, damage, and age, meaning that they will not last forever. In some instances, it may be dangerous to keep your trees. Here are a few signs that you may require tree removal at your property.

Your Trees Are Missing Bark

If you have noticed that any of your trees are peeling or missing bark, then this is a sure-fire sign that your tree is diseased or pests have taken over. Both of these can spread incredibly fast to nearby vegetation, and because of this, the issue needs to be addressed as quickly as possible.

Your Trees Are Leaning

If you notice a tree leaning, it could be at risk of falling over. Do not wait for a strong gust of wind to knock it over or for gravity to pull the tree down to get in touch with a professional tree removal service. It will be a lot less expensive and dangerous to take care of tree removal while the tree is leaning than it will be to take care of the removal and damage after the tree falls.

Your Trees Have Holes in the Trunks

If you notice that there is a hole in the trunk of one of your trees, this is a sign that there is an issue of some kind. In some cases, the tree may be able to survive. However, over time, the tree will become less structurally sound, increasing the chances that the tree will tip over. If you leave the tree untreated, the hole will get larger and tree removal will likely become necessary.

Your Trees Are Riddled with Disease

Trees are incredibly susceptible to pests, parasites, and diseases. Whether a destructive beetle made your tree its new home, a parasitic fungus started eating away at the tree's base, or some kind of disease common to the vicinity attacked the tree, it can often do far more harm to leave the tree in its place. To prevent the risk of the tree falling and to eliminate the risk of other vegetation in your yard from facing the same fate, you should have the tree taken down by a professional.

For more information about when it is time to have a tree removed or to schedule such services, get in touch with a tree removal service in your local area, such as Pete & Ron's Tree Service, Inc.